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The Jamestown Settlement

An extension of Historic Jamestowne, the Jamestown Settlement is owned and operated by the Jamestown-Yorktown foundation.

Very little still remains of the original Historic Jamestowne settlement, due to erosion one of the outermost walls of the older fort resides under the James River. Most of the island in which the original fort was located has been washed away and is slowly being excavated by a team of researchers. Although there is a road that travels around the perimeter of Jamestown Island, visitors are left off of the grounds as to not to distrub any of the remains that are trying to be excavated.

To better provide visitors with a sense of what Jamestown was like, the Jamestown-Yorktown foundation recreated the original fort, an indian village, and the three ships used to make the passage from London to the new world. Along with reenactors the Jamestown Settlement is as close as visitors today can come to being part of the Jamestown experience.

While visiting the Jamestown Settlement it is hard not to appreciate the struggle the first colonist must have went through in order to survive and prosper, luckily their relationship with the indians allowed the settlers to grow crops and get necessary supplies during the winter which was a necessity for their survival.

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Things to think about -

Take some time and explore the links and media materials to the right, while doing your research try to answer some of the questions below.

  • 1. Was Jamestown the first settlement in America? If not what was the first?
  • 2. How long was the voyage from England to Virginia?
  • 3. What was the reason for forming the Jamestown Colony?
  • 4. What happened to the Roanoke Colonist?
  • 5. How many colonist survived the first year at Jamestown?
  • 6. When did the Jamestown capital move? Where did it move to?