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Colonial Williamsburg

Once the capital of Virginia, and home to the second oldest college in America, Colonial Williamsburg is flowing with American history.

Possibly there is no other place in America where you can step straight into history, the 301 acre historic district is a perfect recreation of what it once was in the 1600's. Just across from Colonial Williamsburg sits the College of William and Mary, the second oldest college in the US, second only to Harvard. Those earning degrees from William and Mary include George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Marshall.

It is a city drenched in tradition and pastime. Just miles away from the original Jamestown landing Williamsburg became a popular spot for colonist and with the second burning of Jamestown in 1698 Williamsburg became the second capital of Virginia. However during the Revolutionary War the capital would move to Richmond, which was a much easier place to defend. Still it was within Williamsburg where a lot of key momenets within the Revolutionary War took place.

Today Colonial Williamsburg is the center of the historic triangle, with a wealth of information to learn and explore.

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